Do you find it difficult to come up with ideas and

content for your newsletter every month?

Many of my clients used to struggle to think up ideas, write the content
and publish their newsletters on time. I prepare a schedule, contact the
client to remind them that a newsletter is due, provide ideas, if necessary,
research and write the content, provide a draft to the client, insert the
approved content into MailChimp and all the client has to do is publish.
Newsletters are an easy way to keep in contact with your clients, announce
specials, introduce new staff, educate clients about your products and
services and much more.
If you find it difficult to get a newsletter out on time each month, contact me,
I'd love to work with you.

Perhaps you need help writing a tender submission or proposal?

Are you retendering for a contract you already have?

I have 20 years' experience helping clients grow their businesses
through competitive tendering for private and government work.
I have helped:
A dust suppression company win a contract for five years instead of three,
which was worth millions of dollars.
A road grading company win several contracts for road building and
grading worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
A tree specialist win several contracts worth thousands of dollars.
A company specialising in auditing of Registered Training Organisations
win a contract for three years, which was subsequently extended.


If you don't have enough time to respond to tenders, or rarely win tenders,
or simply don't know where to begin, I can help you.
Words are my business so writing tenders is not all I do, visit my services page
to learn more, or you can download my CV.
Don't miss another opportunity, send me an email today.


My Words Can Grow Your Business


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