As a freelance copywriter, I know the importance of communicating clearly with prospective clients. I also know that the rules for content writing have changed, but not many other people have taken any notice.

Some untrained writers still churn out what they think readers want to know without doing much or any research. If your content is not of the highest quality, you’re wasting your time and effort. More importantly, you are not communicating clearly.

Today, readers are time poor and want as much information as possible and instantly. For this reason content must be more accessible than it has ever been before. You need lots of sub-headings so people can read quickly and understood just as quickly. Remove any ambiguity. If a reader has to read the material more than once, you have failed as a communicator.

Website Content

Your website is often the first contact a prospective client will have with your company. If you don’t make an excellent impression within the first three seconds, your prospect will go to another site.

A web designer will tell you “it’s the design and structure” you need to spend the money on. Yes, design and structure do count. As a freelance copywriter I know that if the content is not good enough, no amount of fluff, colour, wiz bang sliding imagery will sell the prospect on your company or products. The content sells who you are and what you do and importantly the benefits of working with you. Unfortunately, graphics alone can’t do that.

Your written material needs to be clear, concise, plain English, readable, specific for readers and definitely no jargon. It has to be easy to scan so readers can go directly to the information they want to know.

Electronic Devices

People are reading written material on all sorts of devices, so make sure it looks good on a small telephone screen as it does on a desk top computer. This means considering sentence and paragraph length. There is nothing worse than big blocks of text that look difficult to read.

Your job is to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to do business with you.

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