We wanted to let you know that we were awarded the contract for a five-year term. We can’t thank you enough for all your help with our tender, you made it all so easy.

Caroline Dean – WA Hydromulch Pty Ltd

Nothing ever seems to be too difficult for Barb to tackle and the results are first-class. Her approach is friendly and very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Barb.

Ray Cooke, Managing Director – Training and Safety Consultants

Thanks Barb, you do an outstanding job as my editorial and media consultant.

Jane Goff, Director – Corporate First Aid Australia Pty Ltd

Writing Tender Responses

Barb has been writing tender responses for two decades. Her effective writing skills have helped clients in Perth, Bunbury and the South West to win tenders.

During initial discussions, Barb confirms that (a) the client can commit funds and resources for the term of the contract and (b) the client has the qualifications, products and services to do the job. Barb’s approach is to work with the client to understand the business and the products and services provided, then use this knowledge to answer all the evaluation criteria.

Process for Writing Tender Responces

Barb’s process takes the following 10 steps:

  1. Read and analyse the request document
  2. Develop a response template from the tender request to ensure the numbering system is compliant
  3. Review any submissions the client has presented in the past
  4. Talk to the client about the products and services to meet the prospective client’s requirements
  5. Discuss how the client will provide the prospective client with added value
  6. Determine why the client’s offer will be of low risk to the prospective client
  7. Write the content to meet all the compliance and evaluation criteria
  8. Provide a draft document for the client’s review and comment
  9. Continue working on the response until it is as compelling as possible
  10. Follow up with the client regarding the submission of the tender to meet deadline.

Barb provides a fixed quote once she has had time to evaluate the Request for Quote (RFT), Request for Tender (RFT) or Expression of Interest (EOI) document. She also works on an hourly rate.

If you have a proposal or response that you are about to submit and would like it reviewed, Barb will need a minimum of four days prior to deadline to review and implement any changes.

Barb is happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Successes from Barb’s Tender Responses

Barb has worked with some clients in Bunbury, writing responses to numerous tenders all of which have been successful. Another client in the South West, who tendered for a three-year contract, was awarded a five-year contract to ensure continuity of service.

Another company had been responding to tenders with little success. Barb evaluated the response documents and gave a one-day training session to the company’s tender writing team and this turned around their success rate.

Barb is not just a copywriter, but understands what is required to prepare and write a successful bid.

Here is a quote from a happy client. “We were told that our tender response was the best the evaluation panel had seen, and yes our tender was successful. Thank you so much Barb.”

Give Barb a call or an email to discuss working together.

Barb Clews